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Ref-IdT : RA145787                        
Title : Software Engineer- Quantum                        
Term : Contract                        
Duration : 6                        
Location : NC-North Carolina/Durham                        

Skills & Job Description :

Interview Mode Phone then Skype

Must Have Skills

Bachelors in computer science
Strong software development background (minimum 5+ years, prefer 10+ years)
Experience implementing 3rd-party SDKs open source and really want to learn more about it.
Experience with Python and AWS
Experience with Quantum Development: Qiskit, IBM Quantum Experience, AWS Braket

Like to Have Skills Lots of money
Masters / PhD in Physics
Hands on experience with quantum hardware: Rigetti, DWave, IonQ, Honeywell, IBM
Experience with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and open source technologies
Financial Experience

Fidelity TalentSource is your destination for discovering your next temporary role at Fidelity Investments. We are currently sourcing for a Sr Software Engineer ( Quantum) to work at Fidelity in Boston, MA!
We are looking for an experienced Software Engineer to join our quantum development team to perform research into emerging quantum technologies and building proofs of concept that demonstrate how these technologies can solve use cases from across the firm.
We are a hardworking team of entrepreneurs and experts focused on exploring the use of quantum technologies. We thrive in ambiguous and uncertain spaces, rapidly exploring big ideas using agile methodologies. We look for people who are passionately curious, willing to take action, and have the skills and determination to build solutions where the playbook doesn’t exist.
We offer the opportunity to work in a start-up environment, backed by the resources of Fidelity. You will grow your skills in an environment where you can do your best work and, most importantly, have impact at scale.

The Expertise we’re looking for
Bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science required
Background working with quantum systems (although this is not a requirement, a deep interest in quantum technology is a must)
5+ years of expertise in developing business applications through the use of 3rd-party SDKs
Extensive experience in Python, AWS, C#
Experience with artificial intelligence, machine learning, open source technologies
Solid experience in Agile methodologies
The Purpose of your role
You will design and build proofs of concept that demonstrate how quantum computing can be used to solve a wide variety of business use cases. You will also share your findings throughout the company through written summaries and live presentations.

The Skills you bring
Technical design and analysis skill and ability to balance ambiguity and work in fast paced environment
Superb communication / collaboration skills, both through written and verbal channels
Ability to understand and adapt to changing business priorities and technology advancements
Strong knowledge and technology trends in quantum technologies
Basic understanding of linear Algebra
Understanding of mathematical and statistical models used in the Financial Services industry (this is not a requirement but highly desired).
The Value you deliver
Driving Innovation and implement solutions with future thinking
Collaborating with internal and external teams to deliver technology solutions for the business needs
Resolving technical roadblocks to the team and mitigating potential risks
Acting as a technical mentor to the team and bringing them up to speed on the latest data technologies and promoting continuous learning
The Team
The Fidelity Center for Applied Technology (FCAT) supports the entire Fidelity business with a mission to catalyze innovation for Fidelity and its clients. We have a multi-disciplinary team of software engineers, researchers, designers, product managers, and security and compliance authorities. We’re growing our team to accelerate development of a new business opportunity that we’ve identified.

Company Culture
At Fidelity, you can find it all here. We reward results-oriented, hardworking individuals with a work environment that cultivates diversity, partnership and collaboration as well as encourages innovative ideas and fresh thinking. We recognize the value that employees’ individual differences can add to the forward-thinking and strong future of our company.